6 Types of Feminism You Should Know

Liberal Feminism:


by Henry Mayer

These are Feminists who work towards gaining equality through legal means. This includes lawmaking and reformation. It believes equality is something that can be achieved through the legal system and will lead to change in social behavior. This proved to be effective when they used their right to protest in 1913 with the Women’s Suffrage Parade, gaining the right to vote in 1920.

Radical Feminism:


Leffler, Warren K., photographer.

The black sheep of the Feminist family, Radical Feminists believe in the complete deconstruction and eradication of gender roles, possibly even gender itself. They believe the patriarchy is what is oppressing women. With this view in their mind, they use more physical ways of approaching things. To be clear, radical Feminists hate the patriarchy, not men, but some of their tactics could be controversial.

Socialist Feminism:


Believing that oppression comes from the inability of financial independence. Men dominate in our capitalist society, which leads to an imbalance in wealth. Socialist Feminists believe repairing this imbalance will end their oppression as women.

Black Feminism:


by GeorgeLouis at English Wikipedia

Black Feminism focuses on the issues that come with living in a world of both sexism and racism. One of the original intentions of Black Feminism was to create positive images of Black women. This has expanded to the support of Black lesbian women, promoting positive self-love, providing support in the community, and support toward the education of young Black girls.

Cultural Feminism:


A branch that formed from Radical Feminists, Cultural Feminists believe women’s qualities are superior to men’s and should be encouraged. This kind of Feminism acknowledges the differences between men and women, based on the essence of what it is it be that gender.



By Moxy – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Believing that environmentalism and feminism are connected through their qualities; nurturing, cooperative, etc. Books written by Ecofeminists pair the destruction of the environment with the patriarchal society, some comparing the way men use women and the environment as things to be controlled.



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